Bye-Bye Winter, Hello 11 months!

The weather has been so nice lately! Kinsley is an outside girl. She loves to be outside and would stay on the swing for hours if we let her. I love that she enjoys being outside!


Kinsley has also become quite the little dare devil. She does not want to be left behind and wants to do everything Harper does. I am so excited for the river this summer, she is going to be a blast!


Kinsley made it a solid 10 months without being sick. Unfortunately her streak came to a hault this month. Poor girl had hand, foot, and mouth earlier in the month. She recovered from that, was good for a week or so and then she had a fever for 4 days. I am so grateful she is feeling better and back to our fun loving girl.


One of my favorite things about this little girl is she loves to read. Often if she is quiet, you can find her looking at a book. Melts my heart every time.


Baby girl will be one next month! One! She completes our family and I am so blessed to be her momma!


Rapid Development, 10 months

Wow! The past month has been a HUGE developmental month for Kinsley. She said her first word, “Momma!” “Da-Da” soon followed. She is reaching for us to pick her up and waves some. She has started to stand on her own for longer periods of time. She started off walking by only taking 1-2 steps before falling, then 3-4 steps, and now she is knocking out about about 7-9 steps at a time. She is getting braver and braver by the day. She is leading off from furniture on her own.


We are working on transitioning to a sippy cup. It isn’t going very well. Kinsley’s nutrition is still primarly breast milk and we trying to get her to drink it out of a cup instead of the bottle. She will get it….in her time. She’s still enjoying table food. Tonight she had baked chicken, roasted green beans, and mashed potatoes.


Girlfriend is still rocking just her 2 bottom teeth. We don’t feel others trying to break through. If today is any indictation, she should be getting a few more soon. Kinsley just didn’t feel good today. She took a morning nap, a pre-lunch nap on me, a 3 hours post lunch nap, and a 20 minute nap on me before dinner.


Kinsley is so full of life. She loves to be around people. She crinkles her nose when she is super happy. Her new favorite thing is a rocking chair that was my late-Nannie’s. Kinsley loves to sit in it and rock back and forth. I wish my Nannie could have met Kinsley. I often think of things my Nannie would have said in response to things Kinsley does. It makes my heart happy knowing my Nannie is watching us from Heaven.


9 months and finally more sleep!

The past month has been a busy one! Kinsley started her month off with a bang! On December 15, she started to crawl. On Christmas Eve, she stood up all by herself. We were at my parents’ house and looked over and there she was, proud as can be! Three days later, she started walking while pushing a toy. Now, she will walk while holding your hands. She is also finally sleeping though the night. I never thought we would get here!!


Kinsley is loving this toy car and Harper is loving it all over again. I love watching the two of them interact and play. We have to remind Harper to be careful and easy with Kinsley. Harper has been known to be a bit rough. Kinsley is one tough cookie!

Winter 20154

Another one of Kinsley’s favorite things is bath time! She gets so excited and enjoys playing with all the toys. She loves to kick her legs back and forth to splash. We have named this “scissor legs.” She thinks it is hilarious and does it really fast. Beware, you will be sitting in the splash zone!


God has blessed us with a truly happy baby. She gets fussy mid-morning when she is trying to power through to nap time and again in the afternoon. The majority of her day, she is just as happy as her pictures we post on facebook. Her happiness is infectious. I love walking through the grocery store and watching people react to her smiles. I hope she always has this affect on people.


One more thing, I often wonder if she is going to be a dancer. She is always pointing her toes. Oh, and those rolls… word, I LOVE them!


A party for THE KING!

Today, Harper, Kinsley, and I hosted a birthday party for Jesus. Caleb and I always want our girls to focus on Christ as the only reason for the season. For you see, this tiny babe who was born in a manager is the reason we are all here. From the manger to the cross, he is our King.

I had so much fun planning this party and using it to get Harper really excited for Jesus’ birthday. We made ornaments out of salt, flour, and water for everyone to paint. We made cupcakes, because birthday parties aren’t complete without them. And we decorated the dinning room for the big party.

Winter 2015



We started the party off with reading about Jesus’ birth. Then we put on our birthday hats and decorated Christmas trees using ice cream cones, icing, and of course candy!!


Winter 20151


We painted the ornaments, too!



We finished up the party with, of course, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Each kid had a cupcake with a candle to blow out. 


I had a blast having this party for Jesus. The kids all seemed to have a good time, too! A big thank you to Jessica, Christie, EL, Sarah, and Jaime for coming with your kiddos and helping me clean up!

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas!



Mobile 8 Months

This past month has been all about moving, moving, and moving. Kinsley Alice started this month off learning how to get to the sitting position. She master that skill and quickly started using it as a means of transportation – rolling around to get what she wanted. She started to full on crawl Monday, the day she turned 8 months. Her little world has completely changed! …..And so has ours, can you say baby gate?


Along with all of this fun, she is starting to pull up on things. She loves to stand and play with her activity table and has figure out how to sit on her knees to reach it. She is always curious as to what is on the ottoman especially if the TV remotes are there.


Kinsley has her two bottom teeth! The right one popped through about 10 days ago and the left one came about 3 days ago. She is loving real food. Momma’s milk is still her number one source of nutrition. I wish I could say she is sleeping through the night, but she isn’t. Maybe once a week she will give me a break and sleep all night.


Kinsley and Harper are something else. I love when Harper starts to play and interact with Kinsley all on her own. Kinsley must love it because she laughs so hard. This baby girl of ours is such a happy baby. She is always smiling. Her smiles lately have turned to her scrunching up her nose and snorting. My Pop use to snort when he laughed, so it warms my hear to hear Kinsley do the same thing.


Thanks for stopping by! May your CHRISTmas be CHRIST centered!

Hangry and trying to sit-up

Kinsley is getting stronger and stronger. She is so close to crawling. Last night she crawled backwards a few inches. She is almost able to sit-up on her own. She pushes herself up from the side, but can’t get all the way to the sitting position. Kinsley can also stand for about a minute holding onto the couch. I’m excited for her increased mobility!

IMG_1884 (1)

A few of the things this sweet girl loves…..her sister, Mac, bath-time, smiling, and FOOD!! We have completely stopped purees. Just like her big sister, she did not care for purees for long. She is the complete definition of “hangry.” She gets so mad if food isn’t on her tray fast enough. She also gets mad when it is on her tray and she is too lazy to feed herself. She is eating what we eat. Best advice I can give a new momma, do not become a short order cook. Feed your kids what you are eating! Kinsley has had all kinds of food from salmon to quinoa to tacos to bananas with peanut butter……and more! Still no teeth.


Kinsley Alice is one happy baby. She has the best laugh and it is hilarious. She lights up when she sees us. I love this stage/age, when her little personality is really starting to shine.


Toe Grabbing Fun!

When you master sitting up and reaching for toys, life gets interesting! Kinsley has done both of these things over the past month. She is also rolling all over the room to get what she wants. She will lean forward and position her legs in a way that makes us think crawling is not too far off.



Kinsley has found her feet and loves to put her toes in her mouth.  She doesn’t have any teeth yet, so no bite marks! She thinks it is especially fun to grab her feet during diaper changes.


She is her mother’s child, loving a routine and schedule. She is eating solids at breakfast and dinner. Kinsley is sleeping completely through the night, about 11 hours. IT.IS.GLORIOUS. She laughs the hardest at Harper. Like a fine wine, my life keeps getting better and better with time.


5 months and sitting up!

Kinsley Alice brings so much joy to our lives. Her personality is really starting to shine through. She loves to talk and talk loud! She is starting to have enough core strength to sit-up some on her own. Little girl’s world is going to change once she masters this skill. She loves watching her big sister run all around and play. Kinsley is grabbing for toys. She laughs the hardest at Harper.



She has started to eat food and LOVES IT! She gets, well, honestly mad when you don’t give it to her soon enough. We have had peas, pears, apple sauce, zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, oatmeal, and bananas. She isn’t a big fan of peas and she broke out in a rash after the sweet potatoes. She is also enjoying puffs. Harper is great at interacting with Kinsley and helping us feed her. We are still doing Baby Led Weaning when our main meal allows for it.


Our faith is a very important part of who we are as a family. We believe in God. We believe in the teachings and truths of the Bible. We will raise our girls in the Church of Christ and pray they will follow His ways. We had a baby recognition Sunday at church last week. We stood up in front of our congregation acknowledging we will do our best to raise our girls to be Christians. My family came to be apart of this special time with us.


This past month has gone by the fastest. I feel like it was a complete blur. Here is to Kinsley’s 6th month slowing down a bit……


Harper is 2 1/2!

Crazy to think I have a 2 1/2 year old. Am I really old enough to be living this awesome grown-up life? Harper Ann is so full of life. She adores her grandparents. Her daddy is her favorite playmate. She loves steak, pork chops, and salmon. She talks in full sentences. She runs. She jumps. She swims. She LIVES! I’m telling you, full of energy is an understatement. She is always on the move.


In the past 6 months a lot has happened for Harper. We potty trained in March. She did exceptionally well. Once she was ready (100% the key!), it was actually easy. Good-bye diapers and hello big girl underwear! She transitioned to a toddler bed in March as well. All of this in preparation to become a big sister in April.


Harper loves to go to the Children’s Museum. We have a membership and go often. I love how she learns through play at the museum. We went weekly this summer!

Summer 20151

Whether it is eating popsicles on the front porch, playing on her play-set in the back yard, being a the river, or going for a walk, Harper LOVES to be outside. She is growing into such a wonderful girl. We have our 2 year old moments as all 2 year olds do; however, thankfully, they are not too often. She is learning and experimenting with boundaries. This is all uncharted territory for her and us. We will continue to do the best we can in bringing up this gift from God to love Him and love others.




Rolling over, bubbles, and still smiling!

The past month has been nothing short of busy and hectic. Most people think Christmas-time is the busiest of the year. I think summertime is busier for our house. Kinsley has taken it all in stride and continues to be a happy baby full of smiles.


She is hitting milestones and growing strong! She is grabbing for everything you put in front of her. She loves to lay on her playmat, which Harper has named Kinsley’s park. Kinsley has rolled over a few times from her tummy to her back. She enjoys tummy time more than Harper ever did. She is also blowing bubbles with her mouth and is quite talkative these days.



Kinsley is fascinated by Harper. Often if Kinsley is fussy and Harper comes into her sight or she can hear Harper, she will calm down. Harper is a great big sister and loves to interact with Kinsley. If you ask Harper if Kinsley can do something her main response is, “No, she’s too little.” Harper loves to give Kinsley kisses and calls her “Sweetheart” or “Sister.”


The girls’ normal babysitter was closed for a couple of weeks for vacation. We were grateful for Auntie Jessica, Sarah Johnson, my mom, and Caleb’s mom for helping us out. Caleb’s mom came to stay with us for a whole week. To say the girls were spoiled would be an understatement! They sure do love their Sue-Sue and their Grammy!


Kinsley is eyeing food pretty strongly these days. She watches it go from the plate to our mouth with great concentration. Her 4-month check-up will be closer to when she is 5 months. Maybe with her 5 month blog we will be talking about her experimenting with food. We did a modified version of Baby Lead Weaning with Harper. We plan to do the same with Kinsley. Now, if we can get her to start consistently sleeping all night before 5 months…..


Having 2 daughters is such a blessing. We feel so blessed to call them ours! Our family is perfectly complete!